AccessPlus+ Means Coordinated Care

Let’s face it: Staying healthy isn’t always easy.

At Open Cities Health Center we don’t want you to think you’re in this alone. That’s why in addition to being a Health Care Home to all of our patients, we offer AccessPlus+, a program for patients whose path to health may benefit from a more coordinated approach.

Two things differentiate AccessPlus+ patient care from the care that all patients receive: a Care Coordinator manages the work of the patient’s dedicated care team and every patient gets a written care plan. The care plan is your personalized document that tells your health care team what your health goals are and how you plan to reach them.

It goes with you to other doctors visits so they can get a useful snapshot of what your unique health care needs are. Most importantly, it becomes your 24/7 resource to managing your way to better health.

When you schedule your appointment, let us know if you’re interested in learning if the AccessPlus+ program is right for you.

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