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Open Cities Health Center (OCHC) was originally started in 1967 by African American volunteers and activists in St. Paul’s Rondo community who believed in Dr. Martin Luther King’s words:

“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.”

Thanks to contributions from people like you, our committed team of caregivers has touched the lives of thousands of individuals and families – whether they face an urgent need, a devastating disease, a complex pregnancy, a debilitating chemical addiction, or seek to improve their quality of life.

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Your Support Makes a Difference

Some of the services and programs your generous contribution will continue to support include:

  • OCHC’s Extending the Family Capital Campaign: OCHC is engaged in a $3.4 million capital campaign to renovate its building at 916 Rice Street and in less than one year has raised over $1 million. The new North End community health clinic will allow OCHC to increase access to high quality health care for thousands of marginalized, underinsured and uninsured individuals and families in the Rice Street area. OCHC’s North End clinic will help ensure localized access to services and the provision of culturally competent care to those in need, which are essential keys to eliminating health and economic disparities.
  • Promote healthy living in the community: OCHC staff members promote the concept of “healthy, connected communities” within OCHC and out in target neighborhoods by providing community-wide education on chronic diseases; highlighting the benefits of regular check-ups and maintaining healthy lifestyles; assisting patients and residents in accessing care and social services; and working with community leaders and partners to address larger community issues.
  • Create easier access to health care: OCHC has a team of Health Navigators who help patients navigate the health care system. Health Navigators are culturally competent health care professionals who understand and respect the ethnicity, language, socioeconomic status and life experiences of the community members they serve. OCHC’s Health Navigators serve as peer educators, providing culturally appropriate health education and information; assisting people in receiving the care they need; giving informal counseling and guidance on health behaviors; and advocating for individual and community health needs.

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You can make your online donation to support OCHC by visiting our online donation portal. Make your donation here.