What’s the Community Health Connection?

The Community Health Connection is Open Cities Health Center’s (OCHC) outreach and education program. The Program Director and Health Navigator Coordinators (HNCs) who are part of the Community Health Connection promote the concept of “healthy, connected communities” within OCHC and out in the community.

These staff members build relationships with community partners and residents through a wide variety of health and wellness programs. They provide residents and patients with information on health topics that have a direct effect on them or may affect them in the future including oral health, chronic disease and mental health.  Education includes:

  • Signs and symptoms of a disease,
  • Disease management,
  • Benefits of regular checkups; and,
  • Healthy lifestyle choices.

The Community Health Connection Means Healthcare — Everywhere

Community Health Connection staff members bring health care to your community. During community events and health fairs, HNCs and medical staff provide flu shots, dental screenings, glucose screenings, blood pressure checks, referrals for mammograms and Pap smears, nutrition education and counseling, and BMI checks.  Education and information pieces about receiving regular check-ups, healthy eating and benefits of exercise are built into the specific partner programs and are part of all community outreach events.

Why is the Community Health Connection So Effective?

What makes OCHC’s Community Health Connection an effective tool in creating healthy communities is that it includes the entire family and it looks at the challenges individuals and families are facing, such as poverty, violence, no insurance, unemployment, and foreclosures. We reach out to all age groups with quality health screenings and educational programs, helping individuals and families make positive health and wellness choices.

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