Nubian Moms

Nubians Mom
Nubian Moms is a program dedicated to providing a personal care navigator to African American mothers with high risk pregnancies, postpartum depression and premature births. The personal care navigator helps provide mothers with community resources to guide them through a healthy, nurturing, and empowering experience. Open Cities Health Center wants all African American babies to grow up happy, healthy, and successful. Nubian Moms is an initiative through the Integrated Care for High Risk Pregnancies (ICHRP) and has partnered with DIVA Moms (Minnesota Community Care), NorthPoint, and the African American Babies Coalition to ensure all African American babies and mothers are surrounded by a community who is able to care for them mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Culturally Reflective Care Coordination:
1 on 1 meetings and support from Nubian Moms Coordinator and referrals for culturally reflective care including doulas, referrals for group sessions and other services as needed

Drop-In Service
Tuesday, 3-6pm
Thursday, 10am-1pm

Free membership to the Minnesota Science Museum

To schedule an appointment
call (651) 290-9258 or email

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