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What is a low vision evaluation?

If you have an eye condition that cannot be improved with surgery, medicine or with glasses, you may benefit from a low vision evaluation. During your visit, you will meet with a low vision optometrist who will evaluate how you are using your vision and strategies to make doing everyday tasks easier. The doctor will measure your vision using different methods not normally done at your regular eye exam. Some strategies can include use of lighting, magnification, technology and adaptive strategies to maximize the vision you have.

We are able to provide a detailed explanation on what your eye condition is and how it is affecting your vision. At the end of your visit, there will be a report sent back to your primary eye doctor. We see patients of any age, vision impairment can impact children to seniors depending what the underlying eye condition is.

There is no right time to have a low vision evaluation; you do not need to wait until you are legally blind. If you are experiencing difficulty performing your daily activities such as reading your mail, or recognizing your friends there are treatment options to help you with these tasks.

How to prepare for your exam

Bring your glasses, magnifiers and any devices you use that help you with your vision. Have your current eye care provider send your most recent eye exam report to us and have them fill out this form (or submit form online). Bring a family member with you, this can be helpful for you to have someone else hear what the doctor is saying. We look forward to helping you see better!

Other resources for vision impairment

Referring Providers

Please fill out this form online or print a referral form and  fax a copy of the most recent eye exam and visual field.

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