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Education, Outreach & Screening Opportunities

The programs below are offered through our broader Community Health Connections program. To read about each program, simply click on the name to reveal a deeper description of each program, and who to connect with to learn more.

Do you need immediate help?

If you have questions or are concerned about any of the healthcare topics or diseases listed below you can make an appointment at anytime to talk to a qualified clinician. Make your appointment now. Worried about costs? We have sliding fees and other payment options to help ensure you get the help you need with a price you can afford.

Breast/Mammogram and Cervical Cancer Education

Open Cities Health Center (OCHC) has a Women’s Health Coordinator who can assist you in receiving clinical breast exams, mammograms and pap smears. OCHC recommends that women receive mammograms every year and pap smears every three years.

OCHC  also  hosts regular Women’s Health Events throughout the year that will include clinical breast exams, mammograms and pap smears. The events are held alternately at OCHC, 409 N. Dunlap in St. Paul and OCHC 916 Rice street in St. Paul. For more information about OCHC’s Women’s Health Program and upcoming events call Bernie at 651-251-5969.

Diabetes Outreach, Education & Support Groups

Open Cities Health Center (OCHC) provides diabetes care, case management/education, and assistance in understanding diabetes and its unique health care challenges. Monthly Diabetic Support Groups are held at OCHC at 409 N. Dunlap in St. Paul. Each month there are guest speakers, education, resources and more! A light lunch is served. Topics include healthy meal planning, managing your medication, exercise, the challenges related to diabetes and how to solve them. For more information about OCHC’s diabetes outreach, education, and support groups call Maddie at 651-290-9258.

Pre-diabetes Education & Outreach

Open Cities Health Center (OCHC) also participates in a program called We Can Prevent Diabetes for individuals who do not yet have diabetes but are at high-risk for developing it. The group meets monthly, a healthy meal is served and participants learn about how they can stay healthy and prevent diabetes. For information about OCHC’s diabetes programs call Bernie at 651-251-5969.

Flu Vaccine Clinics

Open Cities Health Center holds flu shot clinics every fall. The flu shot clinics are open to the public; they are free and proof of insurance is not required. If you would like a flu shot clinic in your community or need more information about flu shots please call Bernie at 651-259-5969.

Health Insurance Enrollment Through MNsure

Open Cities Health Center has Health Navigator Coordinators who can help you enroll in insurance through MNsure, Minnesota’s insurance marketplace. Call Albasha at 651-290-9231 or Bernie at 651-251-5969.

HIV/AIDS Case Management & Community Outreach

Services and Programs include:

  • HIV rapid testing and screening to all patients ages 13 and up
  • HIV/AIDS Primary health care
  • HIV/AIDS Case Management
  • HIV care for uninsured and underinsured patients
  • Social service support
  • FREE HIV testing
  • Health education and risk reduction counseling
  • Medication adherence supplies and education
  • Psychotherapy services
  • Multilingual interpreters

For more information on accessing HIV/AIDS screenings and services call Bernadette Foh at 651-251-5969. All inquiries are confidential.