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About 1 in 4 people do not know they have diabetes and about 18,000 new cases of diabetes are diagnosed each year in Minnesota. It’s clear to see that diabetes is very much an issue in Minnesota and is continuing to increase every year. As a community clinic, Open Cities Health Center recognizes that this is a serious problem and we make it our responsibility to make sure that our patients receive the best and most affordable care possible. So whether you have pre-diabetes, type 1, type 2, or gestational diabetes here’s how Open Cities can help you manage diabetes.

Dental Exams:

Regular dental exams should start with infants and continue annually thereafter. It is extremely important for those with diabetes to follow up regularly with the dentist because gum disease is linked to diabetes and other health conditions. So what is going on in your mouth can be an indicator of how you are managing your health and overall well-being. Dental services include: exams, X-Rays, cleanings, fluoride treatments, oral hygiene education, periodontal therapy (deep cleanings), restorative care (fillings/crowns), full & partial dentures, endodontic therapy (root canals), extractions (tooth removal). Call 651-290-9200 and ask to schedule your dental exam today.

Eye Exams:

Did you know that high blood sugar can lead to blurred vision and other complications like glaucoma, cataracts, and retinopathy?  Only optometrists and ophthalmologists can detect signs of these complications so it is important to follow up with a full eye exam every year. Too often these complications get missed when you go too long without an exam or just have your eyeglasses tested without an exam.  Call 651-290-9200 and ask to schedule your eye exam today.


Primary Care:

Don’t forget to also follow up at least 4 times/year with your provider at Open Cities Health Center to make sure that your blood sugar is staying in the optimal range and that you are on the right medication. Your doctor will want to follow up with you to check your Hemoglobin A1C, lipid panel, physical symptoms, and dietary regiment to make sure that no adjustments needed to be made to your diabetes care. Call 651-290-9200 and ask to schedule your exam today.


Group Support:

Open Cities Health Center has a free monthly support group with two different times to accommodate anyone’s busy schedule. The group covers a wide range of topics from healthy eating, testing blood sugar, physical activity, reading nutrition labels, and special guest speakers. The group is facilitated by a Registered Dietitian and members find it a great time to ask questions and bring up challenges that come along with managing diabetes. Both groups are on the same day (every third Wednesday of the month) with two options available for time: 12pm at the Dunlap Clinic (409 Dunlap St.) and 5:30 p.m at the Rice Street Clinic (916 Rice St.). The group is open and free to anyone who wants to join. Call Madeline to reserve a spot: 651-290-9242.


1:1 Nutrition Counseling:

Do you ever feel confused about what to eat for optimal blood sugar control? Open Cities Health Center has a Registered and Licensed Dietitian that can help you sort through all the nutrition misinformation out there and help you get to the best eating plan for you and your diabetes. Ask your provider at your next exam to help you schedule an appointment with the registered dietitian.


No matter where you are with your diabetes management, Open Cities is here to help you get the care you need. Call 651-290-9200 and ask to schedule your exams today! And don’t forget that our door is always open for walk-in appointments.  See you soon!