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Our Organizational Leadership

Open Cities Health Center is led by an executive director; who is hired and supervised by a Board of Directors. The Executive Director in turn is responsible for the strategic and operational management of the organization.


Board of Directors

As a Federally Qualified Health Center, Open Cities Health Center is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors compromised of at least 51% clinic patients. This reflects our commitment to ensuring accessible and appropriate services to meet the needs of our patients.




Medical Care

Do you feel achy? Are you confused about what to do for your diabetes? Do you just feel sick and you don’t know why? At OCHC we can provide medical care for just about any condition that ails you! Learn more.

Behavioral Health

We want to make sure you feel strong and healthy – inside and out. We provide counselling to address issues like depression, anxiety and chemical abuse. Learn more.

Eye Care

Eye check-ups are important starting at an early age. Check-ups can help kids do better in school, and help adults avoid conditions that could cause blindness. Keep your eyes and your family’s eyes healthy.

Dental Care

Are you afraid of the dentist? Are you afraid of the cost of going to the dentist? Do you want to feel comfortable and know that you can afford dental care? Find out how we can help you!


Have you had whiplash from a car accident? An on-the-job injury? Do your joints simply ache? Find holistic care to ease pain for the whole family, including infants and children.