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Open Cities Health Center’s Board of Directors is comprised of a diverse and committed group of volunteers. The board is responsible for overseeing the overall health and well-being of the organization. They evaluate and provide direction for the mission, vision, values, operations, finances, and policies of Open Cities Health Center.

Our board members have deep roots in the local community and over half choose Open Cities Health Center as their primary clinic. This connection to the local community allows our board members to bring a valued diversity of experiences and ideas that help us continue to improve and  provide community health with a heart.

Board of Directors

Eugene Nichols, Chair (Retired; 3M Health Care Division)

Charles Foye, Vice Chair (Retired: Pastor, Christ Temple Church)

Elsa Svenningsen, Secretary – Nominations Chair (Retired: Union Organizer)

Graham Butler ( Lawyer, Graham Butler Legal Services, P.A.)

Keillen Curtis (Lawyer, Curtis Law Firm)

Anna Diaz (School of Public Health)

Carol Watson (Retired: 3M/Community Service Agency)

Frank Spoden (Retired: Mental Health – Clinical Therapist)

Kaade Wallace Finance Chair (Catholic Charities- Policy Manager)

Gabriella Vasquez (Research Investigator)

Orlando Sanchez (Physical Therapist)

Jamaal Lewis PI Chair (Sales Professional)

Paul Hoefer (Management Consultant)



Ritesh Patel (CEO, Open Cities Health Center – non-voting member)